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Particular attention we pay to the quality of offered products.

quality control

Particular attention we pay to the quality of offered products.

We have achieved high production quality through careful selection of used materials (our suppliers of steel are reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers), control of the product at every stage of its production (inter-control) and a comprehensive final inspection.

Each product that meets our high standards of quality is durably marked with its individual identification number, and the quality control reports are stored in the company for several years.

We take care of the continuous modernization of our machinery. All finishing operations are performed on new numerically-controlled machines, thus ensuring high dimensional reproducibility of performed production.

Our standard is to carry out the working dimensions with the accuracy of + / - 0.02 mm. We believe that such accuracy of the tool is fully satisfactory for most tasks performed on press brakes. In addition, it is a favorable relation between the quality and the price of the tool.

Notwithstanding this, in case of such necessity, we are prepared to keep tolerance of tools at + / -0.01 mm.

We hope that working with our tools and accessories will bring you tangible benefits and provide a lot of satisfaction.

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